by i feel okay

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released January 22, 2016

All songs written and recorded(poorly) by Zakariya Ali Houacine



all rights reserved


i feel okay Albany, New York

Thanks to denial, we are immortal.

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Track Name: dying
leaves are changing
our hearts are racing
I'm always facing the passing of time

you're only laughing
because you're going to die

where's my mind?
what's the time?
I want to die
I want to find
where the feedback loop ends
where do circles start and end?

I'll meet you there
Track Name: deuteranopia
I can't see into you
I couldn't lie to you
my brain is too clouded with thoughts like
do I belong here?
I don't belong here

I'm wide awake
it's 3AM
the morning is fresh and
I feel okay
(how do you feel today?)
(do you feel okay?)

I can't see into you
I can't touch the moon

I don't belong here
Track Name: i wanna go back inside
I poured oil on the bridge
but when I lit the match I slipped
burned myself instead

I am staring at a wall
life is not so simple
I feel like a moth
wings torn off

but I'll say; it's okay!
who needs bridges when you know how to swim, anyways?

I'm uncomfortable
this apartment is too loud
far from safe and sound
my eyelids closed

everything is fractals
I can't see your face
your friends freak me out

but I'll say; it's okay!
at least the flood put out the flame

I think I've changed my mind
I wanna go back inside
Track Name: hell (pt 2)
I came into this world screaming, and that's exactly how I'm leaving.
Track Name: before you were empty
tell me a story
from before you were empty
you ran off of cliffs
they melted your body
you slept through till noon

running through your neighbors yards,
hopping in and out of their pools,
when lights turned on you were scared shitless

carrying your body all the way from home
there's room for you here
you don't have to be all alone

let's spill our glasses over one another
half empty into half full
there's room for you here
I don't wanna be all alone

Track Name: breathing
I'm soaking face-first
in a shallow stream of my own self-doubt
I can't find a way out

sleeping all the time
(late night google searching why)
why can't I breathe sometimes?
(my brain attack itself sometimes)

I spent three hours just fogging out
wasting my life in a hellish cloud
fingers fading
trying to pry out
Track Name: i just want to feel safe
human beings in the dark
seeing shapes from far away
documenting the sound
of the Earth crumbling down

I just wanted to feel alright
you could sympathize with that, right?
I'm not sure if I wanna die
I just want to feel alright